First week with a Nexus 4

Last week, my Nexus 4 came in. I’ve had a week to play with it and use it as my everyday phone. Here’s what I found. Read the rest of this entry »



What’s Wrong With Education

What’s wrong with education? It’s a system drawn up by old people. Not that there’s anything wrong with being old, but keep in mind that they grew up in a world without the instant, global media we have today or the incredibly fast machines that can easily do a billion operations a second. They expect us to have to memorize a bunch of facts and perform calculations in our heads. Everyone needs to understand that some concepts are no longer valuable in today’s world. Read the rest of this entry »



Open Letter to the NCAA

To: The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

Dear Mark Emmert,
Today, the University of Central Florida announced its NCAA violations, and the resignation of Athletics Director Keith Tribble and Assistant Football Coach David Kelly. As a senior here at UCF, I’ve heard of the past violations UCF had with recruiting and rumors of some issues with some interesting characters. While I don’t know any of the specifics of what happened, I do know that this has affected some of my favorite student-athletes. Read the rest of this entry »



Why higher taxes on the wealthy doesn’t hurt

There’s a big deal going on now about having people and families making over $250,000 a year pay their fair share of taxes. Warren Buffett (one of the richest people in the world) wrote a now-famous op-ed asking our leaders to “stop coddling the rich.” He pointed out his secretary pays a higher tax rate than him. The Republicans, of course, will say that taxing the rich will somehow cause rich people not to create jobs. Funny how they don’t seem to be creating jobs either way? But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Read the rest of this entry »



Conversation you should not have with a third year CS student

The following is an actual conversation over AIM with a third-year Computer Science student at UF. The material discussed is normally learned freshman year. This student would probably not be able to pass the Foundation Exam at UCF, and consequently would not be allowed to continue studying Computer Science at UCF. Note that some of the lapses in time are from me walking away from the computer in total disbelief at the question asked. My roommate (a CS student like me) also pitched in at one point. Read at your own risk.
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Freedom! Or not…

The President of the United States said that one group of people has the same rights as any other under the Constitution. This infuriates many people, because they hate freedom (therefore, they hate America). I should run for office. First say “I’m gonna say NO to the mosque at ground zero!” then when I get elected, start saying NO to any church built near a site where a christian killed someone, and a move to shut out anyone who speaks out against our nation. Seems like we have some people who will use 9/11 to their political gain, and forget that the people who died on that day died for freedom.
I am clearly angry at Republicans, who were the first to rally the people behind “Freedom” and going to war to protect our freedom, but are also the first to shit on our freedoms. If the President of the United States did anything even remotely close to stopping that mosque from being built, then we would have effectively destroyed the First Amendment and everything this country stands for. Republicans are bringing this country down faster than any terrorist could imagine. I’m terrified of the future, not because of people in the Middle East, but because of our very own politics.
I need a big stick with the First Amendment on it, and to start hitting people with it.



Land of the Free*

The United States of America tends to be synonymous with “freedom” and our constitution entitles our citizens with many rights. The First Amendment guarantees us the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, etc. But having just traveled to Europe, and being back in the states, I feel so much less free. It seems maybe they should put an asterisk when they say “Land of the Free.”

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My view on current politics

This weekend, everyone is talking about the healthcare reform bill going through the House. I haven’t taken much of a side on this, mainly because I consider myself Libertarian, but I do recognize that there are issues with our current healthcare system. The cost of insurance tends to be staggering, and I sometimes wonder if it’s better to just invest that money in a “rainy day” fund. But then you go to the doctor when you’re sick (I just had Upper Respiratory Infection) and you walk out with a staggering bill that, along with possible missed work, leaves your wallet feeling empty. I don’t think that anyone in this country should be ruined financially just because they were sick. Read the rest of this entry »


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Orlando Lindy Exchange (ORLX) 3 just ended and I am quite proud of myself. I started swing dancing in October, on a bit of a whim (I started seeing that a lot of people I knew were going to it, so I decided to try it out). Five months later, this weekend full of swing dancing occurs and I got to meet fascinating people from across the country (and even Canada!). Interestingly enough, dancing all weekend has boosted my self-confidence. I realized I need to be adventurous and try new moves. I found myself following a bit of a routine in my dance, so I want to expand what I know (like more 8-counts!). The funny thing is, though, this entire event seems to have reignited the flame inside of me. I’ve been pursuing internships and taking interviews like it’s nothing. It’s hard for me to explain how great I feel (even though I really feel like crap, as I’ve been sick for a week now), but I really feel this new life inside of me. I really want to keep all my commitments now (including updating my blog, exercising, and living healthy) and be adventurous. I got to see Lake Eola in downtown Orlando over the weekend and I quickly fell in love with Downtown Orlando. I think I’m gonna try to get some friends to go walk around with me there.


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The Letdown by Apple: Thoughts on the iPad

January 27 couldn’t have come fast enough. At 1PM Eastern Time I was anxiously looking at my friend’s laptop before class. We both were expecting the Apple Tablet (or iSlate as many rumored it to be), and I had thoroughly expected Jobs to announce it on Verizon. But as the event wore on, I felt disappointed. They were sticking with AT&T, even though it’s been unreliable. No camera, either. And it still doesn’t support multitasking! I certainly wasn’t the only one disappointed, but I do see the market for it, and raises some interesting discussions about where Apple will go with this. Read the rest of this entry »