What happened?

Many years ago, while in secondary school, I bought this domain and used it for my main website. It was my platform to practice my PHP skills and learn new things. Over the years I became less interested in web development and focused on applications development (i.e. Java, C++) since my courses were using that.

I had developed my own sort of framework in PHP to create what became known as the "old Jsyte". At some point my website was defaced and I realized that I didn't have the energy to keep up with my site. I fixed the security hole but decided to switch to something that made it easier to publish and was a better known platform. I picked WordPress because of the ease of setup and use with the power I needed.

WordPress proved to be high maintenance. I figured out how to update the core and plugins using svn, but there were frequent updates that I couldn't keep up with. I already didn't have time to write my blog. My host updated their pricing to be more fair (which is one of the reasons I love them, so check out NearlyFreeSpeech.Net) and I discovered that the database was using a lot of space (simply because it was not optimized) and the site using a lot of resources. Spambots had always been a problem, but the spam filter would usually catch the posts. I eventually locked down commenting since I wasn't getting comments anyways.

Recently, WordPress was subject to a massive distributed attack. The attack involved hitting the login page trying to find the administrator password. My site was subject to the attack, and my host quickly stepped in and blocked internet access to the login page. I was thankful because it saved me from a massive hit in usage fees.

As a result of the attack I took down the site. I had been planning on doing something with my website, but it was low priority. Before the attack, I already had a more personal/professional "CV" site up. I will probably use subdomains here for random projects. I don't anticipate hosting my own blog, for that I'll stick to a hosted solution (such as Blogger).

Thank you all for reading this, and I apologize if you came here trying to find something and can no longer get to it.